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How It Works

The scanner tool lets you scan the cards created in Mad Hype. A simple scan takes you to the login page where you can login and scan any card with just a click or a tap from your mobile device.

Launch Your Scanner Tool

Step 1: Go to https://rewards.madhype.io/scanner-app/en-GB or click upper right icon if you are already logged in
Step 2: From the login screen, enter your email address and password, then click Sign In
Step 3: As you login, you may also add the scanner to your home screen and you can click the Scanner Tool icon to access the application
Step 4: To scan, tap the Scan button
Step 5: This initiates the scan process by opening the camera of your mobile device. If this is the first time, the scanner will ask you to allow permission to access your device camera.
Step 6: After a successful scan, the card is displayed in the scanner for you to Add and Redeem.
Step 7: Use the +/- buttons at right and left side of the counter to record the number of stamps/points you want to add. Once added, click the Add button.
Step 8: This opens the Confirmation popup. You may add a comment for this particular transaction or leave it blank, click the Add button to finish.
Step 9: Once added, the Successful Transaction popup is displayed. To proceed, click Done.

Scanner Tool For Different Cards

1) Stamp Card

2) Multipass Card

3) Cashback Card

4) Certificate/Prepaid/Gift Card

5) Membership Card Beta Testing

6) Coupon Card

7) Discount Card

8) Reward Card