How To Choose Which Card Type To Use

Step 1: Structure a Program

  • Decide on a promotional program: Determine the program structure, rewards, and perks that best suit your brand.

  • Choose a launch date: Choose a launch date to effectively schedule your promotional campaigns.

  • Focus on the customer experience: Inform your customers and encourage them to join your loyalty program. - Motivation: Motivate customers to join the program by increasing awareness and visibility through enticing marketing strategies. - Education: Educate customers about the program effectively through clear and concise communication. - Engagement: Engage customers with the program and use it to foster excitement and loyalty for your brand. Keep the program top of mind by regularly communicating its benefits and rewards.

Step 2: Set Specific Program Goals

To determine the success of a program, it's important to consider the program's specific objectives and the methods used to create it. Although metrics such as points earned, points spent, referrals made, and Average Order Value (AOV) are crucial, it's also necessary to analyze how the program affects customer behavior over time and compare it against industry benchmarks.

Program goals can include:

  • Increase return visit

  • Increase referral rate

  • Increase new enrollments

  • Decrease time between purchases

  • Increase reviews/feedback

  • Increase social media follows

You can build a loyalty program based on just one or two goals or all of the above. However, to ensure its success, it's important to define clear goals, establish metrics to track, and be willing to adjust your strategy as needed.

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