How to Buy a Phone Number & Start Sending SMS/MMS

To enable the phone function, you must add a payment method under "Company Billing" in the settings and charge a minimum of $10 credit in order to send SMS/MMS.

Add Payment Method

  1. Check your email for the direct link OR Go to "Setting" and click "Company Billing"

  1. Fill out your card information and click "Add Card"

  1. After adding your card, you will be able to access the billing dashboard. Please note that a $1 refund will be processed to verify the validity of your card. This is not a charge, but you may see it as a pending transaction on your card which will disappear after a few days.

  2. To view the full company billing transactions, you can click on 'See Details' under the Credit section.

Buy a Phone Number

  1. Go to "Setting" and click "Phone Numbers"

  2. Click on Add Number

  3. Select the Country you want to purchase

  4. Choose a phone number starting with an area code

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