How to Monitor and Analyze Your Program Metrics

Program Metrics

Youโ€™ve officially launched your brandโ€™s loyalty program. Whatโ€™s the next step? Management, optimization, and ongoing promotion.

When measuring the programโ€™s success, look out for cues like:

  • A steady flow of new member sign-ups: This indicates the program is still relevant and engaging for potential customers.

  • Members actively redeem rewards: If too few members are redeeming rewards, it could be an issue with the rewards' attractiveness or accessibility. This might also be a sign of a promotional issue. To address this, consider sending reminders to members via email or text about their reward balance; or review the attractiveness of your rewards.

  • Higher Average Order Value (AOV) among members compared to non-members: This indicates that loyal customers are valuable to your business. To encourage more spending, consider offering perks such as free samples that incentivize customers to try more of your products.

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